Category: FAQ

What kinds of food can I bring?

If you can make it/grow it/raise it (with one exception†), you can bring it! Some examples you can make: individual pies (sweet or savory), hand pies, empanadas spice mixes (herbes de Provence, curry, popcorn flavorings, garam masala, Thai curry paste, ranch dip mix, etc.) individual breads, flatbreads, tortillas, wraps, scones, biscuits, crêpe individual cakes, cupcakes,…


How do I get a ticket to attend a swap?

Click on the swaps link on the menu, then click on the link for the swap you want to attend (e.g. February 2017 Food Swap). That will take you to the page with full details about the swap, as well as the ability to purchase your ticket. 🙂


How many items should I bring?

How many do you want to trade for? 🙂 Ok, in all seriousness, everyone attending should probably bring at least a minimum of three to five portions of one food item to trade. As of right now, there is no maximum, nor a limit on the number of different food items you can bring to trade….