What’s the process at the Colorado Springs Food Swap?

Before the swap:
  • Get your ti:cket via this website to reserve your spot at the swap! Tickets cannot be purchased at the door, so it is imperative that you sign up online.
  • Make, package, and label your swap items, and figure out if you need samples and how to best offer them.
On the day of the swap:
  • Get to the swap at the starting time! The first fifteen minutes will be for check in and set up.
  • After everyone’s checked in and set up, the organizer will give a brief introduction to the process and answer any questions about the swap.
  • The next forty-five minutes will be spent looking around and talking to people about their foods and figuring out which ones you want to swap for.
  • Sign the cards with your offers for items you’d like to trade for. Offers are non-binding, but they bring your items to the other person’s attention, so they can check your barter offerings out, too.
  • The next half hour will be the actual swap itself.
  • Cleaning up and resetting the room to rights before we leave is the last half hour.
  • Take your haul home and enjoy!
After the swap: