Guidelines for Colorado Springs Food Swap Participants

  • All items should be packaged so that swappers can take them home and don’t need to return your containers.
  • Package items in small, tradeable portions. For example, rather than making one huge loaf of bread or an entire pie/tart/quiche, make eight small individual loaves or mini pies/tartlets/quiches. Put your infused vinegar into six four-ounce jars, rather than one big 750 ml bottle. You can always trade multiples, but you can’t split one big item up at the swap!
  • Samples are a great way to encourage people to want to trade with you. However, the venue does not have kitchen facilities, so bring any foods that need to be warm already warmed up in insulated containers and foods that need refrigeration in a cooler with ice. Use mini cupcake wrappers, Dixie cups, or even small jelly jars as individual sample containers rather than putting out a single bowl for everyone to dig into. Be prepared to immediately clean up any mess that may be made from providing samples.
  • Label your individual trade items. Please include information about how to safely store the item (Does it need refrigerated? How long will it keep?) and what ingredients it contains, especially if it contains common allergens. If your item is a staple, maybe include a guideline for when it should be used by. Also include your name, phone number and/or email, and the name of the item.
  • If you’re bringing a less common item (an unusual spice mix or flavored syrup, for example) that people might not know how to use, provide a suggestion or two for how to use it.
  • Do you have a Colorado Cottage Foods Act safety training certificate? Feel free to bring it and display it with the food you’re offering to swap.
  • If you have your own reusable name tag that shows your first name, please wear it! That will help cut down on waste created by using disposable name tags each time.
  • If you have any questions about the appropriateness of an item you want to bring to a swap, or any other questions about the swap, please contact the organizer and ask!

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